Our Programs

We have two weight loss programs that will be fully customized to meet your specific needs and goals....

Natural  Amino Acid      Appetite Suppressant  

Some key points to our programs:

·         EAT REAL FOOD -eat at home with regular grocery

       store foods or dine out, accompanied by our

       easy-to-use guide

·        One-on-One counseling and motivational support

·         3-Day Cleanse plan to maximize and jump start

        weight loss

·         Products that give you a natural energy, boost your

        metabolism, combat weight loss plateau, and food


·         Portion control without counting points and calories

·         Complete nutrition with a full line of supplements 

        specifically for your program


A consultation with one of our staff will help determine your weight loss goals and personal reasons for using our program. Once you are approved to start, our staff will design a healthy, low-calorie meal plan specifically tailored for you.

The approval process includes:

  • EKG
  • Blood Pressure, Weight and BMI charting
  • Medical History Review
  • Nutrional Consultation
  • Blood work
 You then decide which program you prefer to follow - our Appetite Suppressant (by prescription only) or our Holistic Approach (all natural) which uses specifically designed Amino Acids to help curb your appetite. We have had excellent results with both programs.

We also offer a B-12 vitamin injection containing a fat burner.  In addition, we offer a B-12, B-6 combo injection which helps you with those sugar cravings.  Lastly, we offer a Lipo injection which includes everything in our B12/B6 combo but includes two additional fat burners.  We will administer an injection based on your choice, and a week's supply of the appropriate supplements.